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Christian Holyland Tours is a division of Israel Tour Connection, which provides groups, congregations and individual travelers with professional tourism services to Israel.

With nearly 30 years of service, ITC has positioned itself as a leader, serving both the Christian and the Jewish communities of N. America with the highest level of reliability. ITC has distinguished itself as The Premier Israel Tour by virtue of its unsurpassed record of reliability and service.

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After over 25 years in the Israel touring industry, Israel Tour Connection (ITC) is opening a new Christian division, Christian H oly Land Tours (CHT) Fellowship , dedicated to promoting the ancient-modern Israel that rejuvenates an individual's spiritual batteries. Sparked by the love and support of Christians around the world toward Israel and the Jewish people, Larry Ritter, President of ITC, decided it was timely to gather the best tour educators in Israel, those who enable people to walk away from Israel with a higher sense of purpose and spiritual understanding of the Hebraic roots of Christianity along with a true fellowship with the people who make up modern day Israel. We are witnessing a unprecedented move in Jewish-Christian history, taking advantage of a G-dly moment in which two faiths, Judaism and Christianity, can dialogue in fellowship. Let us walk together to further the time such as this.
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